Cock and Balls Trampling Sweets Treats Trample Femdomme

Jumping Back On With Both Feet – Sweets Treats Trample Femdomme

Jumping Back On With Both Feet – Sweets Treats Trample Femdomme

Its been quite a while! What is a girl to do sometimes ?
After all this time away things got a bit out of control…….NOT the way I like it !
I mean you can’t have a slave running around doing whatever they want ……can you ????
Its time again for a bit of putting things back into perspective, and to teach just who is in control here ……..ME of course !
Time to take a slave who has had the taste of freedom for a little while ……and CRUSH that feeling UNDER FOOT !!!!! LOL
I don’t feel the need to explain myself to anyone …… but I will be jumping back in (and ON….) with BOTH FEET !
To warn you ……I think my attitude has changed a bit …..I cannot stand to see a slave who does not obey and worship my pretty little feet !
All of his attention should be focused upon me ……but then how could it not be as I am crushing his manhood beneath the beautiful soles of my feet ?
I like to play nice at first and dribble on some oil….. and stroke his cock a bit to rub all that goodness in !
What he doesn’t realize is that I only do that for me !…… Because I love the way it feels when I step down upon his balls , and I see them squish out from between my lovely painted toes ! ……What a thrill for me , not him !
After all I still don’t care about what it feels like for him ! LOL

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