The Ballet Slave – Ballbusting Beauties – Bella Rossi, Delirious Hunter

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Posted: March 9, 2018 в 7:49 am

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The Ballet Slave – Ballbusting Beauties – Bella Rossi, Delirious Hunter

Headmistress Bella is teaching new student Delirious ballet technique and decides that in order to teach her the proper way she needs to bring in her “assistant”. She calls for her slave, who comes crawling out completely naked, and orders him to stand up facing her student. Using his testicles as a target, Delirious practices her front leg kicks bringing her incredibly sexy and fit legs straight up in between his legs. The slave is incredible pain as each kick of the hard wooden toe of her ballet shoes full forces crushes his balls into his pelvis. Kick after kick and the slave can’t help it and becomes fully erect. Delirious delivers another strong kick that lands with a loud POP! right on target, and sends the slave to his knees. Headmistress Bella reminds the slave to worship the ballerinas feet that sent him to his knees. Already deeply humiliated, the slave crawls forward to the ballerina standing in front of him and bows down and kisses her beautiful feet. He is made to stand again so that Delirious can finish her practice!

Starring: Bella Rossi, Delirious Hunter
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Duration: 00:07:16 min
Resolution: 1280×720
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    Wrong video in the link

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      Thank You!


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