Mistress Lady Renee´s punching bag

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Posted: February 24, 2018 в 10:34 am

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Mistress Lady Renee’s punching bag

Boxing is not only good for keeping fit, but it has the added benefit of releasing tension and stress. After a quite hectic day I love to let a few good punches go, so of course I need a punching bag to use. This bag is strung up, punched, pummeled and used like the useless piece of meat it is. After a few warm up blows, I can really let this bag have some heavy punches directly to the middle area, not to mention a few good uppercuts to the nuts! With hard nipple clamps crushing it´s nipples, this bag of slave meat is in constant pain, collapsing a couple of times, only to be forced back up into position for a few extra punches.

Starring: Mistress Lady Renee
Size: 253.26 MB
Duration: 00:04:24 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Mistress Lady Renees punching bag.mp4

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