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Posted: February 20, 2018 в 7:37 pm

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Lady ballbuster – Mistress Lady Renee

Today I felt I had a lot of energy and was in need of some exercise. A lucky submissive creature was hanging around so it would come in handy when I wanted to enjoy Myself using My full power. The slave was tied arms up and legs spread with a bar. It’s slave cock and balls fully exposed and vulnerable ready for use by it’s Mistress. I am his Mistress, so without any thought of holding back I started kicking and kneeing those balls, laughing and enjoying how the slave dances around suffering hard from each jolt of pain when I blast away on it’s balls. I can´t get enough and find it so funny when the creature starts to cry. Will I stop or kick some more to get extra bruising on that useless sack?

Starring: Mistress Lady Renee
Size: 399.7 MB
Duration: 00:10:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Lady ballbuster.mp4

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