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Posted: November 16, 2017 в 5:43 pm

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Count The Kicks – THE MEAN GIRLS – Goddess Tangen and Princess Carmela

Goddess Tangent and I bring the slave in and get him ready for us to destroy his balls. The slave is positioned on its back, hands cuffed to couch, spreader bar on ankles. He sees the Plinko stand next to him, of course. We take turns dropping plinko chips and wherever they land tells us how many kicks to the slave’s BALLS we get to deliver! Each kick is delivered “foot-slap style” in rapid succession while looking down and taunting the slave. When one of us is kicking, the other is covering slave’s mouth with our foot to muffle its screams. LOL. SUCH a fun game to play! (For US, anyway!)

This is a great clip for those of you that wanna hear our foot realy SLAP against the slave’s balls and if you like seeing repeated kicks rapid-fire no matter how much pain the stupid slave is in. We love when Mistress Tangent visits the Manor…

Starring: Goddess Tangent, Princess Carmela
Size: 317.23 Mb
Duration: 00:21:17 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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