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Posted: May 31, 2017 в 7:52 pm

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In this clip a Fembot ( female robot ) disguised as Police is sent to eliminate an important witness, he’s being guarded in house, she will eliminate all them to get the witness.

Scene 1 . Knock on door, and one of the bandit opens the door and a pretty girl comes in and asks where’s your witness, the guard says “what witness”, the Fembot raises her eyebrow and snaps his neck and throws on the ground she then takes off her shoes slowly, hen proceeds to the next target.

Scene 2 . She walks up to the guard as he facing backwards, then kicks him in the groin, and holds her foot there for a few seconds him. Then leaves. Show multiple angles and show motion.

Scene 3 She puts her hand on the guard shoulder and squeezes slowly until he falls down then finish him off with stomp to the nuts with her heel. Show multiple angles and show motion.

Scene 4. She walks up to the guard who is sitting down and reading newspaper, and when the guard lowers his newspaper and notices her she kicks him in head. Show multiple angles and show motion.

Scene 5. When she walks in the room there is an guard who immediately opens fire, after taking a hail of bullets she falls to the ground, when guard approaches the fembot thinking she’s finished, the fembot reactivates and raps her feet around his neck then after a few seconds with sharp twist breaks his neck.

Scene 6 She finally finds the witness, the try’s to punch her, but she grabs his hand and twists it breaking arm and kicks him in the face. Then she grabs his legs and rams her foot into his groin and holds it there for few seconds. Show multiple angles and show motion.

Note important: Do the scenes exactly as they are shown on the pictures, show multiple angles for each , also zoom in on finishing move, and after each the Fembot stands and curiously looks at her victim before moving on, kind of like Karina in ( Terminatrix Karina crushes the heads video). the clip should be 11 minutes long, I don’t care if you are using the same actor as long as they have a mask on.

Wardrobe: police uniform with short skirt and no nylons, she wears heels only for the first scene then she takes them off.

Acting: The Fembot face expression should be serious, no smiling or talking unless its part of the scene, also and most important of all the girl should act and move like the robot.

Starring: Lesley Fox
Size: 558.98 Mb
Duration: 00:12:43 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Terminatrix Lesley crushes the balls.mp4 – 559.0 MB

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