Ballbusting / CBT Brat Princess 2

Three Girls Ballbust until it Cant Get Up – Mariah, Natalya, Sasha – Brat Princess 2

Princesses Mariah, Natalya and Sasha love to ballbust together. It’s so much fun! They kick the slave until it drops. Making the slave drop in pain is so funny, they make him stand back up so that they can make him drop again! The girls giggle and cheer each other on. It’s a great time beating this loser up! They do some seesaw kicks, where one girl faces the slave and the other stands behind him. Then, one girl kicks him from the front while the other kicks from the back! Just like a seesaw! Yay! By the end the slave is rolling around on the floor, making lots of weird pain sounds. He cannot get up. Mariah prods him with her boot, “Get up stupid! I wanna kick you some more!” They are going to ballbust the slave until they are sure that it can’t get back up again.

Starring: Mariah, Natalya, Sasha
Size: 588.85 Mb
Duration: 00:11:59 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



Download link:
Three Girls Ballbust until it Cant Get Up.mp4 – 588.9 MB

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