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On this page you can see the next updates which will be published on the site.

1) Testicle Pressure Pussy – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’

2) The Price of Pussy 2 – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’

3) Hoisted & Busted – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’

4) Ballbusting Science with Jolene the Valkyrie – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’

5) CBT Fucking 2 – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’


6) Fucking Hoisted with Kendra Lynn – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’

7) CBT Fucking – Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’


8) EXTREME Jerk Off Challenge – Worship Violet Doll


9) Victoria black ninja ballbusting execution – Martial Fetish

10) Chiara red high heels pantyhose ballbusting domination – Martial Fetish

11) Victoria brutal karate ballbusting selfdefense (probably the best karate ballbusting selfdefense video ever) – Martial Fetish

12) Victoria karate gi selfdefense techniques & domination – Martial Fetish

13) Sissy Castration – Mistress Veronica Vixen


14) Breaking the Boner pt 1 – Mistress Veronica Vixen

15) Breaking the Boner pt. 2 – Mistress Veronica Vixen

16) Big Dick Bustin – Mistress Veronica Vixen

17) TIED AND BUSTED – chicks-vs-balls


18) GET THE BALLS – chicks-vs-balls


19) THE STUPID EMPLOYEE – chicks-vs-balls

20) SOPHIES GYM ROUTINE – chicks-vs-balls


22) BALL RESEARCH – chicks-vs-balls


24) DESTROYED EVIDENCE – chicks-vs-balls

25) Squishy Likes To Be Squished – Sadistic Queens


26) Mistress Nikky French – Dance For Me – Sadistic Queens

27) Miss Suzanna Maxwell – 1st Time Squish – Sadistic Queens

28) Full Weight Ball Balancing – Sadistic Queens

29) Penny Lee – 1st Time Squish – Sadistic Queens


30) Nike Air Max Grey Shoejob with cum – Princess Anastasia


31) Nike Jordans Cock Crush – Princess Anastasia

32) Adidas Superstar Back/White Cock Crush – Princess Anastasia

33) DC UNILite CBT – Cock Crush and Shoejob with Cum PART II – Princess Anastasia

34) DC UNILite CBT – Cock Crush and Shoejob with Cum PART I – Princess Anastasia

35) Nike CBT Cock crush and Shoejob – Princess Anastasia


36) Old Etnies Cock Crush and Shoejob – Princess Anastasia


37) Ashing And Cock And Ball Torture – Goddess Tangent World of Femdom


38) Double Ball Bust Destruction – Goddess Tangent World of Femdom


39) Ball abuse cage – Mistress Lady Renee

40) your balls under My feet – Mistress Lady Renee

41) Record Breaking Sacrifice Part 4 and 5! Second Pair Of Brutal Spikes! – We Love Ballbusting


42) Rudolf The Red Balled Reindeer! – We Love Ballbusting

43) Double Mummy Pole: Double Domination of two exhausted ballbusting slaves – Villa Aspasia

44) Chairbusting: Sissy Ballbusting Treatment – Villa Aspasia

45) Sore loser needs to be Humbled: 3 on 1 Penalty Kick BALLBUSTING – Villa Aspasia


46) Misogynist Mechanic Gets Dick Kicked – Ballbusting Beauties


47) Extreme Foreplay: My Balls Missed You – Ballbusting Beauties

48) Dangerous Dealings: Lusty Landlord – Ballbusting Beauties


49) Attitude Adjustment – Ballbusting Beauties

50) Priming His Load – Ballbusting Beauties/strong>

51) Birthday Boots – Ballbusting Beauties

52) Aggression Therapy 4: CBT – Ballbusting Beauties

53) Love and Ballbusting – Ballbusting Beauties


54) Ultimate Hazing Humiliation – Ballbusting Beauties

55) My long sharp Nails in your Balls – MY SLAVE HD Femdom Videos

56) Hardcore Steel CBT – MY SLAVE HD Femdom Videos


57) Forced Cum Extraction – MY SLAVE HD Femdom Videos

58) Your balls are my playground 3 – EXTREME cbt – Electric grid toy and balls burning with cigarette – Men under me


59) Balls target! – 2 – Men under me

60) Extreme CBT job HD – D Studio Media


61) Ballbusting HD – D Studio Media

62) 3 on 1 Ball Destruction – MISS XI


63) Ballbusting Tryout Line – MISS XI

64) Frog Legged Ball Destruction Part 2 – MISS XI

65) Boots bust his balls – Mistresses Cock Box


66) These boots were made for walking – Mistresses Cock Box


67) Punished after work! – Mistresses Cock Box

68) Ball treatment with chunky heels – Mistresses Cock Box

69) Wedge Sandels and Stockings milk the cock – Mistresses Cock Box

70) Making him a new pee hole!! – Mistresses Cock Box


71) Careless cock and ball trample – Mistresses Cock Box

72) Treating his meat!! – Mistresses Cock Box


  1. Great job on the site as well as the variety of clips. two quick observations however:

    a) a lot of the preview pictures from previous posts aren’t working anymore (probably due to a defunct image host). Could you try and get those back online?
    b) If possible, could you post more trampling clips (esp. cock trampling clips)? 🙂

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Wasn’t this site have option to buy clip from CBT store, if you buy premium from florenfile? For the same amount as you buy premium? Can I do that now? I don’t find it written on this site anymore.

  3. As I am new member can I make request to upload 1 video of my choice? Because even I saw there was offer earlier.

  4. Do you think you can implement a voting system where the users submit the videos they want to be uploaded and the other can vote if they like it? That way you can upload the videos that are most voted by the users; I think it will make for a better selection.

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