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Posted: April 22, 2017 в 7:07 pm

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(WARNING: THIS BRUTAL CLIP CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES!!!)The Beautiful Goddess just couldnt wait to test out her sexy new pair of Black High Heel Strappy Sandals on her slave and so she IMMEDIATELY goes right after his worthless junk with some WICKEDLY HARD SNAPPING KICKS to his trapped manhood and even taunts It as SHE STANDS ON HIS BALLS CRUSHING THEM FLAT!!! MORE FULL WEIGHT COCK AND BALL FLATTENING and even some jumping on his junk the poor slave is forced to endure!!! She delivers COUNTLESS STOMPS to his nuts and dick!!! She frantically hops on and BRUTALLY TRAMPLES HIS JUNK WITHOUT A CARE as It screams out with terrible pain! Watch the cruelty as she plants her heel deep into his sac and turns around in circles as if she was trying to drill a hole to split open his skin!!! SHE MERCILESSLY HEEL TRAMPLES HIS COCK literally crushing his shaft causing it some internal damage!!!

She concentrates on torturing his nuts with LOTS OF STOMPS AND REPEATED BALL KICKS while standing full weight on his battered penis!!! But if that wasnt humiliating enough, the Goddess then orders IT to grab, squeeze, and pull on the head of his own cock and stretch it across the table giving Her easy access to HEEL TRAMPLE HIS SHAFT IN THIS VULNERABLE POSITION!!! The dumb slave obeys only to soon suffer a CRUSHED URETHRA from the brutal FULL WEIGHT HEEL TRAMPLING and quickly the red stuff starts to leak all over the table!!! The slave scrambles to clean up the mess with a towel as the heartless Goddess actually cheers for the damage that she has just caused it!!!

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