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Posted: April 1, 2017 в 1:04 pm

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The Metal Heels on my Black Toe Cap Pumps were replaced with extra sharp NEEDLE HEELS. I secured Trampleguy’s cock and balls in the cock box. Then I stood over his exposed junk knowing that I could do whatever I wanted to him with my sharp Stilettos. So, I punctured Trampleguy’s left ball sack with my Spike Heel. As I admired my work, I twisted my foot, forcing the Stiletto Heel, which had pierced his balls, deep into the wood floor of the cock box. His screams let me know I was causing him righteous pain. His ball was impaled by my Spike Heel and it wasn’t going anywhere. Without hesitation, I jammed my left Heel into his right ball sack. Now both of my sharp Heels were piercing his balls as I stood over him. In spite of the major pain, Trampleguy tried to jerk off! The view of me digging my Heels into his balls must have been very exciting for him. He stroked his cock feverishly, but he couldn’t overcome the pain of my Heels tearing through his balls. I kept my right Heel firmly impaled through his ball sack, and at the expense of causing him even more pain, I pivoted the sole of my Pump so that I could step on his hard cock, hoping to help him get more excited. But he still couldn’t cum. Finally, after all attempts had failed to get him to cum, I pulled my left Heel out of the hole in his ball sack. But, as I began to lift the right shoe up, it stuck in the wood. The Spike Heel had been so deeply driven into the wood, I couldn’t remove it with my foot. So, I slipped my foot out of my pump and used my hands to twist and pull the Metal Spike Heel free of the wood and his ball sack.

Starring: Ms Christina
Size: 498.52 Mb
Duration: 00:09:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Double Ball Piercings.mp4 – 498.5 MB

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