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Posted: February 25, 2017 в 9:25 pm

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Noe tells a slave to start stroking its dick. She wants to bust its balls. While the slave touches itself, Noe starts kicking it and laughing. This is a surefire way to cure a pig of its masturbation addiction. All males hate being kicked in the balls, and this pathetic excuse for one is no exception. “Did that hurt?” Noe taunts after a solid kick. The pig is in pain, but it has to keep stroking because its Goddess has commanded it to. To add insult to injury Noe looks at its erection and asks, “Is your dick going to get any bigger, or is it going to stay small like that?” The pig just keep stroking its tiny dick, knowing another hard kick is sure to come. Noe makes the pig look at her perfect ass while stroking. This is pure torment for the jerker. He is so eager to cum. Every time the slave gets itself to the edge, Noe give it a swift kick in the balls to keep it from going over. Noe doesn’t want the pig to feel good, she only wants it to feel frustration and pain. Finally, Noe lets the jerker have its cum, but she kicks it in the balls hard as it climaxes. The selfish pig’s orgasm is totally ruined by Noe’s black leather boots.

Starring: Noe
Size: 583.09 Mb
Duration: 00:07:57 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


Download link:
Noe_Stroke your Dick while I Bust your Balls.wmv – 583.1 MB

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