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Posted: February 12, 2017 в 9:19 pm

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Please Kick Me Again!

What could be more fun than ballbusting a slave in tandem? COMMANDING it to BEG for more, no matter how hard you kick it! We had already broken in our new whips on it earlier, so we were really in the mood for doling out some serious pain and humiliation…and the best thing for that is nut-busting.

And we decide to really fuck with this one- by COMMANDING it to say “Please Kick Me Again” no matter HOW hard or how many times we kick it! Oh, and its “safe word”? (As if We use them! LOL) It’s safe word was ALSO “Please Kick Me Again”! LOL!
Oh what a sight! That worthless naked slave with its puny shriveled up, nearly hairless cock kept thanking us for kicking its balls and begging us to do it again and again. And the beauty of it was that it was unrestrained. It had to just stand there with its legs open waiting for our feet to slam into its balls as hard as we could. At times we took turns kicking those balls for awhile, and other times I would kick them from the front and Goddess Suvana would kick them from the back.

Goddess Suvana’s foot was getting sore because she had elected to wear high heels, which failed to protect her foot like the boots I was wearing did. But of course we finally brought the little pain slut to its knees and got it to plead for us to stop. However, we stepped on its swollen balls a bit before granting its wish. No extra charge…

Starring: Goddess Suvana, Queen Kasey
Size: 266.07 Mb
Duration: 00:17:51 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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